Organism 3.0™: Empowering Nature for an Evolving World

At Calliope Bio, we’re inspiring the production of materials and medicines that can make our world a better place.

A search engine for nature

Accelerating Discovery

Immediate tractability of engineering diverse microbes and biosynthetic pathways to unlock synthetic biology solutions

Elevating Bioproduction

Using nature’s own built in diversity to unlock solutions to biosynthetic challenges

Streamlining Workflow

Our vertically integrated proprietary platform combines computational design with genetic designs appropriate for diverse host microbes

Nucleate Accelerator Team

Jaymin Patel

Ph.D., Yale University

Laura Quinto

Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University

Jonathan Sun

Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University

Kevin Christopher

M.B.A. Candidate, Yale University

Wells Tu

M.P.H. Candidate, Yale University

Scientific Advisory Team

Dr. Farren Isaacs

Yale University

Dr. Jason Crawford

Yale University

Mentor Team

Hyde Patterson

Longitude Capital

Themasap Khan

Civilization Ventures

Latest News

December 22, 2021 in News

Calliope Bio is accepted to the Nucleate Activator program

Advised by visionary scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and founders, Nucleate fosters the formation of pioneering biotech ventures. With an exceptional track record of successful spin-out and VC fundraising, Nucleate is accelerating…
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