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Meet Calliope

By October 12, 2022Uncategorized

Calliope Bio uses microbial diversity to unlock the promise of natural products. We are an impact-oriented company developing synthetic biology tools to address critical issues in health, food security, and sustainability. We launched in early 2022 and won first place in the Nucleate Activator program before entering the Berkeley Skydeck accelerator. 

Based on technologies developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Yale University, Calliope enables the transfers of biosynthetic gene clusters from native environments across a diverse range of bacterial hosts for commercial screening and manufacture. In diversifying the range of host production platforms, we unlock novel molecular pathways leading to new drugs, biomaterials, insecticides and additives for a rapidly changing world. 

At Calliope we like to think of ourselves as microbe hackers. Each individual reading this description is filled with, covered in, and separated from another by trillions of microbes. Some of these microbes may naturally produce molecules that address the most pressing human health and environmental issues of our day. We’re obsessed with drawing out that potential. These native molecules are often referred to as natural products. They’ve saved hundreds of millions of lives and generated billions in revenue as drugs, additives, and insecticides. With sequencing and analytics advances over the last twenty years the world should be experiencing a natural product revolution to address pressing environmental and social challenges. Unfortunately, natural products are not plug and play, and the existing tools in synthetic biology haven’t fulfilled the promises of the industry.

Below is a view of how we address industry limitations and unlock the promise of natural products.

Download our deck here: Calliope Intro 2022